Independent Advisor

The Independent Advisor is an organisation we will appoint together with residents to ensure their voice is heard.

We have already written to residents about getting involved in the recruitment of the Independent Advisor. We held a workshop on 21 February 2019 with over 50 residents and stakeholders in attendance. 

At this workshop, residents/stakeholders designed over 80 questions and agreed some key themes that will be asked of the Independent Advisors who have applied.

View the Independent Advisor Brief ITA guide for details on what to expect from an Independent Advisor.

On Tuesday 5 March 2019, 6.30pm a meeting will take place for residents/stakeholders to: hear presentations, ask questions and vote for who they wish to be their Independent Advisor.

Only residents who live on St Raphael’s or stakeholders (a stakeholder can be an individual, organisation, business etc, who could be affected by the proposed options) based on the estate will be able to attend this meeting and vote. This will be where residents/stakeholders will have the final say on who their Independent Advisor will be.

This meeting will take place at Oakington Manor Primary School, Oakington Manor Drive, Wembley HA9 6NF.

After the Independent Advisor is recruited, they will work with residents to set up a Tenants/Residents/Stakeholders Board.

There will be opportunities for all residents to be part of this Board. The Independent Advisor will send out further details.