Council Tenants

We want the current community to stay in place, whatever the preferred approach for the future of St Raphael’s.

New homes

Under the redevelopment approach, all current secure council tenants on the estate would be offered a new home on a redesigned St Raphael’s. There would also be new community facilities and an improved road layout, if this approach is chosen.

You will also have priority to move to another part of Brent if you prefer.

Tenancy status

This will depend what approach for the future of St Raphael’s is decided by the community.

With the redevelopment approach, the council will continue to be a landlord on St Raphael’s. However, because of the scale of the investment required, we would also work with registered social landlords.

All secure Council tenants will continue to have a secure social rent tenancy, with a mixture of landlords. Social tenants transferred to registered social landlords, either staying on St Raphael’s or choosing to move elsewhere in Brent, would move across on protected terms and conditions. Any rent or service charge adjustments would remain comparable.

Split tenancies

Eligibility will depend on who is listed on the tenancy at the time a decision is made on the future of the estate.

If an adult child is on a secure council tenancy, they would be included as part of a transfer to a new home if the redevelopment approach is chosen.

If, and how, ‘split’ tenancies would be offered will depend on the current requirements of each secure tenant, and the option put forward for the future of the estate. However, should splits be offered, we foresee that these would be where housing made available during any phases of the redevelopment does not meet the needs of those tenants due to move.

Splits cannot not be offered if the family is only made up of children under 18 years old. We foresee that splits would only occur where larger properties of three or more beds are needed.

Leaving the estate before works begin

Moving from one council property to another is determined by the allocations policy. You can apply for a transfer through the Housing Management team, who will be happy to consider the application. Please email

Right to buy

Residents who currently have a right to buy will continue to do so in their property, whatever approach is chosen by the community. Right to Buy may, however, be suspended for a period of time.