Homeowners and leaseholders

This page provides information on how the options for the future of St Raph’s will impact leaseholders.  

New homes

Under the redevelopment approach resident leaseholders/freeholders who currently live on the estate, and are included in the future proposal, would be offered a new home on a redesigned St Raphael’s. However, if you would prefer to leave, the council will try to enable this for you.

If you are a resident leaseholder, we would work with you on opportunities to stay on St Raphael’s through purchasing a new home on the redesigned estate. This may include through shared ownership and shared equity, where available.

If you are a non-resident leaseholder, we will not be required to rehouse you in most circumstances. Temporarily absent leaseholders would be classed as residents.

We would aim for a mix of property types across the new estate, including leasehold and freehold properties. This level of detail will be developed for when the masterplan is submitted for planning consent. All new homes would be built to current national space standards, which are larger than the space standards the existing properties on the estate were built to.

Service charges

Any changes to service charges would depend what approach is chosen by the community, and who is included. More information will be known once our consultation work is complete.

Selling your home

If the community favours the redevelopment option, to deliver the masterplan we will need to buy properties belonging to all private owners and leaseholders within the agreed development area. This would be done in phases.

Ideally, we will reach an agreement with all homeowners to buy their properties from them. However, if an agreement cannot be reached with an individual homeowner within the project timeframe, or at a reasonable cost, in some cases we may apply for a Compulsory Purchase Order. This legal process allows public bodies like councils to take ownership of land where there is a strong public interest to do so.

We want to support the existing community to stay together during and after whichever approach is delivered for the estate. If you are a homeowner or leaseholder and you wish to leave for any reason, you can sell your home on the open market as normal or approach Brent Council to buy your home from you. Please email us 

If the infill development option is preferred, we will not need to buy any properties.

Adapted homes

If you live in an adapted home, and we need to buy your property, you can apply or reapply to the council. We will then decide if an Occupational Therapy assessment or referral is needed.

To apply for a Disabled Facility Grant, you will need to have moved to another home in Brent. If you have moved to another borough, you would have to apply to your new local authority.