Introduction to St Raphael's


Our commitment to more and better homes on St Raphael’s

Brent Council is building new council housing again. Across the borough, an ambitious new development programme will see empty land used, redundant buildings replaced and old housing estates transformed to provide much-needed new housing. We are doing this because Brent residents need affordable housing for rent.

What does this mean for the residents of St Raphael’s Estate?

Brent Council is committed to making sure that the residents of St Raphael’s Estate are able to enjoy living in good quality homes which are affordable and meet their needs. To achieve this we need to think carefully about the future of St Raphael’s together.

As a starting point, the council is proposing two options, infill (partial redevelopment/refurbishment) or comprehensive redevelopment. Both would improve St Raphael’s to different degrees and increase housing in Brent:

  • Infill (partial redevelopment/refurbishment) would see new buildings added on spaces, including open spaces increasing the height of current blocks and some refurbishment to existing buildings.
  • Comprehensive redevelopment of the estate, which would include a redesign of the whole area as well as building new homes, community facilities and improving the layout of the roads. This option would be subject to a ballot of eligible residents who live on St Raphael’s before it can go ahead. Eligibility for this vote is determined by the Greater London Authority’s rules on ballots.

Any plan that is developed needs to have residents’ ideas and views at the heart of it. Estate redevelopment can be an opportunity to address issues which residents have told us they want sorted out while improving the quality of housing for existing residents and providing much-needed additional homes.

Draft Guiding Principles

Inevitably talk of estate redevelopment can make some residents feel worried about what might happen to their homes and communities. This is why Brent is absolutely committed to being open and honest about the advantages and disadvantages of both options. Any plan that is developed needs to have residents’ ideas and views at the heart of it – this means we do things with you, working together. With this in mind, the council is circulating a draft set of Draft Guiding Principles to trigger debate and discussion among St Raphael’s Estate residents.

This document sets out in practical terms what existing residents might expect to gain from either of the two options for St Raphael’s Estate:

  1. Infill (partial redevelopment/refurbishment)
    Comprehensive redevelopment.
  2. In doing so it provides something for residents to discuss and comment on as we work together to agree the future of St Raphael’s Estate.

The 15 Guiding Principles are for St Raphael’s residents to comment on over the coming weeks and months. Let us know what you think by emailing us at or by coming to one of the drop in sessions or next public meeting.