Masterplan options

There are two approaches being considered for the future of St Raphael’s Estate: redevelopment and infill development.


This approach would remodel the estate, or part of it. Some or all of the existing homes and facilities would be demolished over a period of time, with brand new homes, facilities and shops built in their place, and improvements made to open spaces and access. All existing residents would be able to access an affordable new home within the estate, and all council tenants would retain their tenancy.

Learn more about the Redevelopment masterplan

Infill development

In this approach no homes would be demolished, but new homes would be added to existing blocks and built on other open spaces. Retained council owned homes would be maintained as normal and, depending on the amount of new build, there could be some minor estate improvements. All residents would retain their existing home.

Learn more about the Infill development masterplan

Whichever approach is chosen, everyone who wants to will be able to stay living in their community.

Download a detailed summary of both masterplan options