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We are fully committed to being open, honest and transparent at every step, as we work together create options for the future of St Raphael’s.

We will look at all possibilities for homes, open spaces, public buildings and services including shops. Nothing is decided. We want the current community to have the choice to stay together, whichever approach is ultimately preferred by residents.

Community-led approach

We are committed to ensuring that the development of options for the future of St Raphael’s is community led. This means we will work with residents, local businesses and homeowners and stakeholders to develop the best options for the future of St Raphael’s. We will be holding a series of public events and workshops for you to give us your feedback. However, if you would prefer not to attend events, you can feedback via conversations and email.

These options need to be deliverable, so the Council will need to steer the process. This will make sure the developing options comply with national and local planning policy, and are affordable. Ultimately, residents will make the final decision about any option that is delivered.

Guiding principles

The Guiding Principles set out what current residents could expect to gain from the proposed approaches: infill development or redevelopment.

The Guiding Principles are not the Landlord Offer. The Landlord Offer will be a full commitment to residents ahead of any future ballot, once our consultation work is completed.

Download our Guiding Principles

Listening to residents

It’s important that everyone impacted by the future options has the chance to have their say. That’s why a significant consultation has been taking place.

Between December 2018 and April 2019 we held three public meetings and six drop in sessions. Events were held at different times and venues, to help as many as possible to come along.

We also held three more public meetings to recruit the Independent Advisor, PPCR. Since then, with PPCR, we have been door knocking on the estate speaking to as many people as possible.

Next steps

Over the summer of 2019 we will be running a series of events/workshops/training sessions. They will give you a chance to get to know the architects and learn about the process to create future options for the estate. Please come along to as many events as you can.

Resident Ballot

If residents choose redevelopment as the preferred approach for the future of the estate, there would need to be a resident ballot. This means all eligible residents would be able to vote for or against the proposed option before it can go ahead.

Eligibility to vote is set by the Greater London Authority. The GLA’s rules mean ballots must be open to all residents on an existing social housing estate – not just those currently occupying homes that are due to be demolished.

To vote, you must fall into one or more of the following three eligibility conditions:

  • Social tenants (including those with secure, assured, flexible or introductory tenancies named as a tenant on a tenancy agreement dated on or before the date the Landlord Offer is published)
  • Resident leaseholders or freeholders who have been living in their properties as their only or principal home for at least one year prior to the date the Landlord Offer is published and are named on the lease or freehold title for their property.
  • Any resident whose principal home is on the estate and who has been on the local authority’s housing register for at least one year prior to the date the Landlord Offer is published, irrespective of their current tenure.

This last point would include those residents living in temporary accommodation.

We will continue to update this website with the latest information. If you have a question please email straphs@brent.gov.uk.

Things to do