St Raphael's Voice

St Raphael’s Voice is your resident and community stakeholder board. Its role is to be the representative body for the estate, working closely with your Independent Advisor PPCR, and engaging with the council formally. 

St Raphael’s Voice will:

  • Ensure that all decisions taken are in the best interests of the community
  • Make sure that proposals for the estate’s future are community-led
  • Help guide communications and engagement with residents and community stakeholders
  • You can contact St Raphael’s Voice at

COVID-19 Update: Your resident board St Raphael’s Voice (SRV) has continued to work on your behalf during the coronavirus pandemic. SRV has held regular meetings with Brent Council, your independent advisor PPCR and Karakusevic Carson Architects. Three virtual board meetings have also taken place, and a youth committee been recruited. The board have also supported the community in lots of ways, including regular phone calls and support with shopping for vulnerable residents, distributing food to families in need and fundraising.

Meeting minutes

A record of all previous meetings:


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Board members

Chair: Asif Zamir

I am passionate about St. Raphael’s Estate as it is the place, I can truly call home. It is not just the estate I grew up in, but the place that has given me a lifetime of memories. I want to be part of the team that contributes to improving the estate and surrounding area, but also want to ensure that the views and needs of residents and other stakeholders are considered and put first.

Vice-Chair: Brenda Linton

I have lived on St. Raphael’s estate for 23 years; in which time I have sat on a number of committees. Through the Residents’ Association, I have helped to make a difference on the estate. As a board member my primary aim is to help residents to make informed decisions.


Roger Hanlon

I moved to St. Raphael’s with my family when it was first built and have worked on several successful projects including the Community Centre and more recently the Edible Garden in Pitfield Way. As a Board member, I will seek to achieve better quality housing, including our surrounding environment for everyone in the community, whether refurbishment or regeneration is decided by the ballot.

John Wood

I have lived on St Raphael’s estate since 1992. I raised my four children and with my wife, Carole fostered many more. I hope to ensure that no one is left behind, disenfranchised or disadvantaged by the proposed modifications and alterations to our community and that the process is both fair and just for everyone. Ultimately that any change will improve and not diminish our lives or community.

Evelyn Bourne

I am extremely excited to be selected as one of the representatives. Being among the first tenants to move onto the estate, I have witnessed St Raphael’s Estate grow and develop from empty space land to what it is today. Over the years there have been many transformations, both good and bad. It is my goal to influence positive change within the estate and the community, and to help empower people to get involved and make their voices heard.


 Rosemary Brazier

I want to ensure that the board is well represented and both infill and redevelopment options are given a fair hearing. Everyone has different circumstances and needs, therefore it is important the key information is made easily available and can be understood to allow people to make a potentially once in a lifetime; life-changing decision.

Natalie Thorpe

My goal is to encourage residents, particularly young people, to engage so that they can make informed decisions about the proposed changes to St. Raphael’s Estate. My legal background will help me to analyse complex information, represent people’s interests and support them in their attempts to achieve their wishes. I am looking forward to using these skills to shape the future of St Raphael’s for the benefit of us all.

Taaofeeq Sanusi

I grew up on St Raphael's Estate and have seen it go through different stages up to the point it is now. I am passionate about helping people follow their dreams and achieving their goals. With such an important decision to be made about the future of ST. Raphael’s Estate, I am excited to have the opportunity to be a voice for the community.

Jamshaid Anwar

I have been a resident on St. Raphael’s Estate since 1967. I work as a Management Consultant. I was motivated to apply for board membership to support all residents, including Freeholders and Leaseholders, to have a voice.  I am passionate about the future of St. Raphael’s Estate and look forward to working with residents and stakeholders to achieve the best outcome for everyone.

 Syirona Dingwall

I joined SRV because I want to make a difference and be a part of it, I want to see my community flourish. We are only as strong as our weakest link and therefore, we must empower all aspects of our community to have a voice and be heard.

Adam El- Masri

Imran Roy

I have lived on St. Raphael’s estate since 2014.  I have general housing experience and previous board experience, which gave me the confidence to become a board member at St. Raphael’s Estate. As a board member, I would like to assist residents, particularly those with language issues to make informed decisions about the proposed improvements to St. Raphael’s Estate.