About stronger communities

Brent is a strong and integrated community with 84 per cent of our residents agreeing with the statement that ‘people from different backgrounds get on well together.’ Nevertheless, we must remain vigilant against any and all threats that seek to harm or divide our community.

Stronger communities provides easy access to the council’s strategies, events, advice and key commitments to promote community strength and help work towards ensuring that Brent remains united rather than divided. Ultimately however, the grassroots work must be done by the communities themselves. There will, therefore be opportunities for residents to play a more active role in keeping Brent’s community strong and integrated.

Get involved

There are five primary threats to community strength in Brent.  You can find out the actions that the council is taking and how you can get involved in the current issues here:

In particular, you will be able to find out about the council’s Time to Talk series of events, which are designed to tackle some of the more difficult issues in Brent by involving our residents and creating grassroots, community-led strategies to promote community strength.