Prevent is at the heart of ensuring that our communities and families are not exploited or groomed into following a path of violent extremism. Prevent is all about safeguarding and supporting those vulnerable to radicalisation, to disengage them from becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism.

Reporting a Concern

In Brent, child related safeguarding concerns are referred to the Family Front Door. This includes concerns relating to a child who may be vulnerable to support for violent extremism.
020 8937 4300

If your concern is regarding a vulnerable adult, this should be reported to:
020 8937 4098/99


If an individual is assessed to be vulnerable to radicalisation, they may be offered support through the Channel programme.

This is a multi-agency programmes designed to safeguard individuals at risk of being drawn into terrorism. Channel is run in every local authority in England and Wales and addresses all types of extremism, including extreme right-wing and Islamist-related.

Channel is a voluntary process and requires consent from the individual being referred.

Contact us

If you would like to contact the Prevent team for training or any community based activities, please email:


Please also visit our extremism and radicalisation information page.