Time to Talk campaign

Time to Talk

We know there are some things which concern us, but can be difficult to discuss. That’s why in 2016, we started a campaign called Time to Talk. We think it’s time we talked more openly about difficult issues that may concern us, these include:

  • Hate crime
  • Extremism
  • Gangs
  • Domestic abuse
  • Child sexual exploitation
  • Brexit

Brent highlights the risks around some of these issues. Most importantly, we want to help empower you so we can tackle these challenges together and help to create a stronger, safer Brent.

Achievements so far

In 2016, the campaign discussed hate crime and extremism, holding meetings and consultations. The outcomes of which included the following:

  • Brent has widened the remit of referral services to include hate crime
  • A dedicated LGBT police officer has been appointed
  • A dedicated Disability Link Police and Community Support Officer has been appointed
  • A Brent hate crime manual has been commissioned.

In 2017, following a Time to Talk event on the subject of gangs, we have been undertaking ongoing work with local voluntary organisations working in the area of gangs and serious youth violence to help build their capacity to operate.

In the same year, we also launched our 'Time to Talk on the radio' series of events, where we have so far held live events on the radio discussing domestic abuse, gangs and serious youth violence and Brent’s borough of culture bid.

In addition to this, to commemorate White Ribbon Day 2017 and remember all victims and survivors of domestic abuse, the council hosted a play called ‘Knowing there is better’ produced by the Talawa Theatre Company and directed by Anthony Lennon.

Time to Talk video

Watch this very poignant play about domestic abuse awareness, performed by the Talawa Theatre Company

Time to Talk podcasts 

Listen to podcasts of radio shows as Time to Talk held one-hour discussions with expert panellists, hosted on local radio station Beat FM