Supporting Syrian refugees in Brent

In September 2015, the Prime Minister confirmed that the UK would take an extra 20,000 refugees from Syria over the next five years, largely through the Syrian vulnerable persons relocation scheme.

Brent is one of the most culturally diverse boroughs in Britain, which puts us in a good position to help refugees. People from black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds make up 64 per cent of the population and we have a good track record of supporting refugees in the past, from the Kindertransport to the Ugandan Asians.

The Home Office and DCLG are working with councils to put in place plans to house and support Syrian refugees and Brent will play its part in offering a safe haven for Syrian refugees.

Accepting refugees involves two elements. The first is accommodation. Brent will work with all our partners to make sure that we can find suitable accommodation. The second is the wider support required for these individuals. This is where we can all play our part: the council, civil society and residents together.

We know that many Brent residents want to do their bit to help Syrian refugees. This webpage provides updates on the situation and information about what you can do to help.

How you can offer support

Make a donation to a humanitarian organisation or charity that provides support to refugees. Here are some organisations you can donate to:

Foster a child

Young, unaccompanied refugees are vulnerable and may be traumatised following their experience. Some may need a foster place in a loving home as they start to rebuild their lives. However, Brent has a shortage of foster places, so if you have experience of working with children, or are committed to helping children in need, we would like to hear from you because we need more people to provide the children and young people in our care with a positive future.

For more information about how you could support children and young people in need, contact our fostering team. We have regular monthly fostering information evenings - find out when the next one is. Please note that not all children who need a foster place will be refugees.

Services for refugees in Brent