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Volunteers and voluntary organisations make a huge contribution to our communities day in day out, but perhaps never more so than during the pandemic. Together, they have helped the most vulnerable weather this difficult time.

Brent is the most diverse borough in the UK, and that ethnic and cultural diversity is reflected in our volunteers who bring a wealth of different experiences and expertise to their work. That diversity makes our borough better and stronger.

We want to support volunteering in Brent. That’s why we’re launching Do IT Brent.

Get involved today with Do IT Brent

Do IT Brent is a website that helps to match up people who have a passion for helping and time to give, with groups and organisations who have opportunities to get involved.

Would you like to volunteer? 

Follow a few simple steps to start volunteering:

  1.  Register your profile on Do IT Brent.
  2. Search for local volunteering opportunities.
  3. Once you have found the role for you, confirm your interest. The person responsible for that opportunity will contact you with further information about the next steps to take before starting your volunteering placement. (If you have not heard back after 2 weeks, we suggest contacting the organisation).
  4. Discover articles, events and other useful relevant content.
  5. Manage your volunteering experiences and record your participation.

If you need any further help or support contact us

Does your organisation need volunteers?

If you are a community & voluntary organisation based or delivering services in our borough, join Do IT Brent today!

Not only will you advertise your organisation and volunteering opportunities, you will also be able to spread the word about your news and events, track volunteering applications, assign volunteering tasks, record participation, and refer people to other colleagues and organisations.

Steps for organisations:

  1. Signup, create your organisation and join the Brent platform.
  2. Create and publish your volunteering opportunities.
  3. You will receive an email notification when a volunteer registers an interest.
  4. Login and visit your “dashboard - recruit - volunteer applications” to find the contact details and make the firs contact.
  5. Once a volunteer is set-up, encourage them to manage their experiences by recording their participation.

As a representative of an organisation involving volunteers, before joining the Brent platform you just need to agree to the terms of service of Do IT Life including the volunteering responsibility for volunteer recruiters.

If you need any further help or support contact us

Become a Champion!

Brent Community Champions are local people who volunteer their time to raise awareness about different topics and connect the community with local services. If you would like to help, check for the latest available volunteering opportunities within existing programmes:

Tell us YOUR story

Share with us your personal stories and experience to encourage others to volunteer within the Brent community.

By submitting your story, you give Brent Council your permission to store and use the information. We will get in touch with you to ask your permission about the final content before we publish it.

Contact us at volunteering@brent.gov.uk