Equality in Brent

Complying with the Equality Act 2010

The Equality Act 2010  brought together over 100 separate pieces of legislation under one act. This consolidation of legislation created a new, simpler legal framework to protect the rights of individuals and to advance equality of opportunity.

The Equality Act contains specific duties for each authority listed in the schedule to the regulations, which came into force on 9 September 2011. Under the specific duties, we were required to publish information to demonstrate compliance with the duty imposed in section 149(1) of the Act and to produce equality objectives.

We recognise that gathering and publishing a range of equality information is the first step in a journey that will help us to improve the services that we deliver and meet the needs of all of our residents and service users.

We are committed to continuing to improve the range and quality of information that we hold about different protected groups to help us to tackle some of the real equality issues such as poverty and health inequalities.





Brent Council Independent Review: Racial Inequalities

Following the creation of Brent’s Black Community Action Plan, Brent Council commissioned the Local Government Association (LGA) to provide an independent review of racial inequalities in the borough. This review was undertaken in January 2021. The council welcomes the findings of this review.