Flood Risk Management Strategy

The Flood Risk Regulations 2009 introduced duties onto Local Lead Flood Authorities (LLFAs) including the requirement to prepare a flood risk strategy.

The flood risk strategy details actions the council and other key stakeholders are taking to manage flood risk in Brent, and has five objectives:

  • improving the understanding of flooding risks in Brent
  • reducing the risk of flooding for people and businesses in Brent
  • providing clear information on the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved in flood risk management in Brent
  • ensuring that emergency plans and responses to flood incidents in Brent are effective.
  • to take a sustainable and holistic approach to flood management, seeking to deliver wider environmental and social benefits.

A consultation took place between 17 August and 23 September 2015 with key stakeholders including:

  • local residents and businesses
  • neighbouring boroughs
  • Thames Water
  • the Environment Agency.

The strategy was amended to take on board feedback provided during the consultation and was approved on 16 November 2015 by the Cabinet.