Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Strategy

At Brent we believe that everyone deserves a safe, stable place to call home and are committed to preventing and tackling homelessness across the borough. 

As a result of changes to the welfare system, the increasing cost of living and a shortage of secure, affordable homes, homelessness throughout the country has significantly increased over recent years. As a local authority, we have been working hard to address the impact of this in Brent, providing advice, preventing homelessness wherever possible and supporting people to access safe, affordable accommodation. However, there is still more to do.

Informed by a robust homelessness review, this strategy introduces five outcome-based commitments. These commitments set out how we intend to build upon the existing homelessness services we deliver to not only ensure that we meet our statutory obligations and strive to end homelessness in Brent, but that we also provide a service that is efficient, person-centred and forward-thinking.