School Place Planning Strategy 2014 -18

In October 2014 Brent Council’s Cabinet approved the School Place Planning Strategy 2014-18. The strategy outlined the projected need for school places in Brent together with the objectives and operating principles which would underpin the Council’s approach to school organisation.

The strategy drew upon existing Council plans, together with the recommendations of the Brent Education Commission 2014, to situate the development of school places within a set of wider aspirations for the Borough.

Our Aspirations

  • All Brent schools should be good or outstanding
  • All Brent schools should be part of a ‘family of schools’ which promotes resilience, mutual support and improvement
  • The Council and schools should work together to meet the challenge of providing sufficient school places
  • Schools should operate in good quality, safe premises
  • Children should be educated close to home
  • Schools should work with their local communities
  • Meeting the needs of children with special educational needs and disabilities should be central to our vision for education in Brent
  • We should make efficient use of resources

The strategy was refreshed in November 2015 with some amendments to our operating principles and an update on agreed actions. This update refreshes our assessment of the need for places across the Borough and progress on the delivery of planned expansions.