Sport and Active Recreation Facilities Strategy

Planning for Sport & Active Recreation Strategy

In early 2007, Sport England approached us to become a pilot in their Local Sport and Recreation Strategic Support Programme.

The Planning for Sport and Active Recreation Facilities Strategy 2008-2021 is the outcome of this work.

The overall vision for the strategy is to ensure the co-ordinated, strategic development of formal and informal facilities for sport and active recreation within Brent that meets the needs of a changing multi cultural population.

These facilities should be attractive, sustainable and accessible, that enhances the boroughs natural and built environment.

Such provision will increase opportunities for participation in sport and active recreation by all sections of the community resulting in improved health, well being and enhanced quality of life of Brent's residents.

The purpose of this strategy is to set out a plan for the development of sports facilities in the borough and proposes local planning standards.

The scope of facilities considered includes sports and leisure centres, swimming pools, sports halls, health and fitness, athletics, bowls, tennis, squash, synthetic turf pitches, netball courts and multi use games areas.

All sports facility providers have been included in this scope including those provided by the private sector, voluntary and community sector and other public providers, as well as facilities within neighbouring boroughs.