Make a complaint about a councillor

The council’s Monitoring Officer has responsibility for considering any complaint against a member of the council who may have breached the Brent Members' Code of Conduct. If necessary, the Monitoring Officer may refer the complaint to the Audit and Standards Committee.

The term 'member' includes:

  • elected members
  • co-opted members 
  • independent members.

Please note that the Monitoring Officer and the Standards Committee cannot consider complaints about Brent Council as a whole, our services or officers.

How to make your complaint

If you want to complain about the conduct of a member of the council, download the members' code of conduct complaint form

You can send your complaint to the Monitoring Officer, London Borough of Brent, Brent Civic Centre, Engineers Way, Wembley HA9 0FJ

Read the members' code of conduct complaints procedure 

Decision Notices

The following Decision Notice has been published in response to complaints made against an elected member and resolved by the Monitoring Officer.  The Decision Notice will remain on the website for a period of 6 months.

June 2020 Decision Notice relating to allegations of a breach of the Member’s Code of Conduct by Councillor Aslam Choudry.

Councillor Choudry has apologised:

“I inadvertently shared an appalling and abhorrent anti-Semitic link for which I unreservedly apologise.

The video link wrongly promotes offensive anti-Semitic tropes, falsely claiming that Jewish people control America. This is untrue, racist and unacceptable.

I can assure all concerned that I have absolutely no prejudice against any faith, or individual viewpoints and have always acted to stop any form of discrimination.

I am sorry for the hurt and offense this has caused”.

Cllr M Aslam Choudry