Make a complaint about a councillor

The council’s Monitoring Officer has responsibility for considering any complaint against a member of the council who may have breached the Brent Members' Code of Conduct. If necessary, the Monitoring Officer may refer the complaint to the Audit and Standards Committee.

The term 'member' includes:

  • elected members
  • co-opted members 
  • independent members.

Please note that the Monitoring Officer and the Standards Committee cannot consider complaints about Brent Council as a whole, our services or officers.

How to make your complaint

If you want to complain about the conduct of a member of the council, download the members' code of conduct complaint form

You can send your complaint to the Monitoring Officer, London Borough of Brent, Brent Civic Centre, Engineers Way, Wembley HA9 0FJ

Read the members' code of conduct complaints procedure

Decision Notices

The following Decision Notice has been published in response to complaints made against an elected member and resolved by the Monitoring Officer.  The Decision Notice will remain on the website for a period of 6 months.

Apologies by Cllrs. M Butt and Sangani

Allegations were recently made of a breach of the Member’s Code of Conduct by Councillor M Butt and Cllr Sangani in relation to their attendance at Ealing Road Temple during a prayer and reflection event organised by the Brent Multi Faith Forum.  An allegation that the councillors had brought their office or the council into disrepute was not upheld.  Both councillors acknowledged that they had inadvertently breached the restrictions on such events in place at the time and were apologetic about how this may have appeared to the public.  Councillor Butt apologised both on his Facebook page and in a press statement.  Both he and Councillor Sangani have also given apologies to the Monitoring Officer, relevant extracts of which are set out below.

Apology from Councillor Butt:

On the 11th of June, Cllr Trupti Sangani and I attended a small and socially distanced gathering at the Ealing Road Temple in support of Brent’s Multi Faiths Forum. …………..As Leader of this Council, whilst I do of course accept that a mistake was made regarding the time between what happened and what was sanctioned, I do believe that an argument could be made for the actions of those in attendance being a positive demonstration of well-intended community leadership. …………… the idea that such a gesture would upset anyone had simply not occurred to me for which I am happy to apologise unreservedly.

Apology from Cllr Sangani:

On the 11th of June, I attended a small and socially distanced gathering at the Ealing Road Temple in support of Brent’s Multi Faiths Forum. ……………………I regret that in the confusion surrounding various government announcements that we were mistaken in how our brief moment of quiet reflection unfolded. I ……………. would like to apologise to them for what was a honest mistake made in good faith by well-intentioned people.

Published 3 November 2020