Scrutiny in Brent

The scrutiny function has three scrutiny committees: the Community and Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee, the Housing Scrutiny Committee and the Resources and Public Realm Scrutiny Committee. Each is composed of eight elected members (seven from the Labour Group and one opposition group member which is consistent with current political balance arrangements). There are a total of 18 scrutiny meetings held during the municipal year, six per committee. This enables an integrated approach within each committee to scrutiny of thematic and related policy and services issues. It also gives the opportunity for members to develop expertise across services and hold detailed discussions.

Community and Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee

This committee covers Leisure, Adult Social Care, Public Health and the statutory responsibilities with regard to scrutiny of local health services and major reconfigurations of provision. It also scrutinises the Children and Young People’s Service (CYP), partnership work undertaken by the Children’s Trust and Safeguarding arrangements for both adults and children. The committee includes four voting education co-opted members and the two non-voting education co-opted members.

Housing Scrutiny Committee

This committee covers housing functions within the Community Wellbeing Department, including the transfer of Brent Housing Partnership Ltd and its housing management functions to the council; housing supply; housing growth numbers; temporary accommodation; landlord licensing; the private rented sector; housing policy; homelessness, and registered providers. It also includes supported housing and floating support, and home adaptations.

Resources and Public Realm Scrutiny Committee

This committee covers corporate resources, (including Customer Services, Policy, Partnerships and Performance, Procurement and IT) as well as regeneration, regulatory services, environment, transport and community safety.