Scrutiny work programmes

Each Scrutiny Committee will sets its work programme for the year, usually at its first meeting of the year. It is important that the committee has a focused work programme that makes best use of the resources available to it.

The work programme should reflect the committee's aims and objectives as well as add value to the work of the council.  It is up to the committee to select the items for inclusion in its work programme, but ideas are brought together from a number of sources to assist members in their choices.

Suggestions may come from the following:

  • the Cabinet
  • corporate strategy priorities
  • individual councillors
  • suggestions from the public via consultation, area and service user forums and customer complaints
  • suggestions from partner organisations
  • suggestions from service areas
  • external inspections
  • performance or budget monitoring information the Forward Plan
  • consultation form the NHS about service changes
  • issues referred by the Local Involvement Network

Once the committees have decided what they wants to include in its work programmes, meeting agendas for the coming year are produced.

The committees are careful to leave space in its work programme to include issues that arise during the year that weren't included in the original work programme suggestions. It is important the committee can react to important issues as they arise.