Current Mayor

Current Mayor

Cllr Lia Colacicco grew up in Bournemouth and Milan, like many in Brent she is the daughter of immigrants, and she describes her heritage as "a United Nations cocktail – A lot of Irish mixed with Scottish and English, via Australia and New Zealand, then topped up with an equal measure of Italian." Cllr Lia Colacicco

She has lived in London since attending City University - from which she graduated with a BSc in Psychology with Systems Science.

Cllr Colacicco had a successful 20-year career in international Marketing Communications, travelling extensively and developing a fascination for other cultures. She told a webinar audience at the Mayor- making ceremony “I caught the travel bug, badly.  I wanted more than a superficial view. I sold my house and my car and took an extended solo sabbatical to see more of the Far East and South America. I came home on a high, determined to help protect this beautiful planet, with its diverse and wonderful people.”

Cllr Colacicco married Tim Evans and moved to Brent in 1991, and Hunter and Claudia were both born and raised in the borough. Whilst they were growing up, she followed her father’s footsteps into the world of antiques and engravings. At the same time, she became interested and active in a growing environmental movement, and from activist she decided to stand for election and became councillor for her home ward Mapesbury in 2014.

Since becoming a councillor, Cllr Colacicco has sat on Planning and Scrutiny committees, and is proud to have been involved in research into Pupil Premium and the Brent Breathes report in 2020. She is a very active local councillor and when asked what she is most proud of she said
“Six or seven years ago Cricklewood was plastered with fly tipping – everything from circus posters to phone cards advertisements.  So I started to shame them publicly and asked them to desist, they did. The day-to-day reality of a councillor is full of frustrations that we cannot do enough to help residents, nor as quickly as we would like.  However, I told my local residents meeting that on a good day being a councillor is like having a wand to magic away bad things such as overcrowding or flyposting”.