Inviting the Mayor to an event

Inviting the Mayor to an event

The mayor welcomes invitations to attend events held by organisations in the borough. However, due to demand, it may not be possible to attend every event to which the mayor is invited. It is recommended that you submit your invitation no less than 10 days prior to the event.

Once you have correctly submitted your information, your invitation will be sent to the Mayor’s office for consideration. Once approved, you will receive confirmation from the Mayor's office.

Please note the Mayor's attendance is subject to availability and subject to you returning a completed protocol form.

Protocol for Mayor

The mayor of Brent is the first citizen and by law has precedence everywhere in the borough (unless there is a member of the royal family or Lord Lieutenant of Greater London also present).

These guidelines set out the protocol that must be observed at events which the mayor attends in an official capacity. The mayor is unable to accept an invitation where the organisation feels, for whatever reason, unable to accept this procedure. If the mayor decides to attend a function in a private capacity he / she would be without regalia of office and he / she would be treated as any other private individual.

Invite the Mayor to an event

Please fill out a protocol form below if you wish to invite the Mayor to your event.

Invite the Mayor to an event  

How to address the Mayor

In printed literature the current mayor should be referred to as “The Worshipful the Mayor of the London Borough of Brent, Councillor Arshad Mahmood”. In person the mayor should be addressed as Mr Mayor.

The Deputy Mayor

If the mayor is unable to attend a function the current deputy mayor may attend where possible and should be accorded the same protocol as for the mayor. The deputy mayor should therefore be referred to on paper as “The Worshipful the Deputy Mayor of the London Borough of Brent, Councillor Ernest Ezeajughi” and in person as Mr Deputy Mayor.

Arrival and departure

The organiser must ensure that a named person meets the mayor on arrival and makes introductions to the host or notable guests. The organiser should also ensure that the mayor is escorted from the venue to the mayoral car at the time of departure. Where possible a parking space should be reserved for the mayor’s car as near to the venue entrance as possible.


If you would like the mayor to make a speech this will need to be provided along with the protocol form which can be found above.

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