Mayor's role

The Mayor is elected each year at the annual general meeting of the Council.

The outgoing Mayor continues until a successor is elected. If present at the annual meeting, the outgoing Mayor may vote in the election and may exercise a second or casting vote if votes are equal.
The Mayor appoints a deputy mayor (currently Councillor Abdi Aden) who holds office until immediately after the election of a Mayor at the next annual meeting of the council.

The Mayor has many civic and ceremonial responsibilities and has an ambassadorial role as first citizen of the borough.
This means the Mayor will promote Brent and participate in, and help initiate, activities that help the economic, social, cultural and environmental wellbeing of Brent and its residents.

Mayoral duties carried out by the mayor include:

  • Chairing Council meetings
  • Signing documents under seal
  • Conducting citizenship ceremonies
  • Hosting civic events
  • Attending local events

During their period of office, the mayor will receive numerous invitations to events/functions in the borough and across London. The role played at these events varies, depending on their nature and the expectations of the organiser.

At the beginning of each municipal year, it is traditional for the mayor to select one or more local charities to support. The mayor’s office will organise a number of events to raise money for these charities and at the end of the mayoral year the proceeds of these events and any donations received will be evenly distributed to the chosen charities. The mayor may choose to establish a Charity Committee with representatives of the charity(ies) to assist and promote the fundraising efforts.

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