AndyCohort: 21
Studied: MA History

My name is Andy. I’ve always been motivated to work in the public sector, so the opportunity presented by the NGDP seemed like the perfect opportunity to pursue that motivation.  The modernity and innovation of Brent fit with my values and ambitions, the building and council as a whole is an energising place to work. The innovative and modern approach to delivery models in Brent is abundantly clear across the whole council and is embedded within the culture.

In my first placement at Brent I’ve been working in Early Help in CYP- specifically around Children’s Centres transitioning into 8 new Family Wellbeing Centres across Brent.  I’ve been able to work on report writing, data collection projects as well as visiting the prospective sites themselves- the way in which the job is so varied and fast paced has meant I’ve learned a breadth of new skills. Outside of this, the emphasis that Brent places on its mentoring programme has been amazing- the opportunity to talk with an operational director is one that is priceless so early in my career and allows me to consider and begin to shape my own management and leadership style- hopefully taking the best bits from everyone!

The NGDP offers avenues for personal development and Brent shows a genuine commitment to its graduates and a trust in the graduate programme. The level of responsibility given to graduates at Brent shows how highly regarded the programme is within the council. The combination of working and studying for the ILM level 7 qualification make this a fantastic opportunity- one of the most valuable aspects of the NGDP is the opportunity to interact with colleagues on the same cohort, both regionally and nationally