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Cohort: 19
Studied: BA Hons Politics and Sociology; Masters of Public Administration

I always wanted to be involved within the Public Sector after university, and was quickly interested by the scheme and chance to work within Local Government. It seemed a great opportunity and I really appreciated the focus on developing my skills so that one day, I could be ready to take a more senior position within Local Government. I applied and thankfully, after the tough application process, I am now here working at Brent. The strong mentoring ethos and the tasks I have been working on have already provided me with a greater insight into how to improve my skill set, but also provide me with first-hand experience of the council’s responsibilities, and what we are doing to try improve the livelihood of our residents.

I currently have a few projects running alongside each other, but one project we did finish was helping organise our department’s staff conference, which was attended by more than four hundred people. It ranged in task, from arts and crafts, to logistics, to helping create the agenda for the whole conference. Despite a very tight deadline, myself and another graduate helped to ensure that the conference was an overall success. The staff left with a better insight into how to improve the running of our services, but also what we, as a department, are doing well. We are currently taking feedback from the conference, so if anything we are planning next year’s conference already!

My knowledge of how the council operates and its vast responsibilities have sky-rocketed since joining Brent, and this is only going to increase. I feel as well that the NGDP will, over the time of the scheme, improve my management skills, but also help me be more innovative and find new ways to deliver services. The emphasis on mentoring here at Brent with help me greatly with this.