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Cohort: 19
Studied: History BA

I have always wanted to work in the public sector and Local Government gives you a great opportunity to make a real positive impact on people’s lives. The chance to have placements across a council is what specifically attracted me the ngdp graduate scheme. In addition to this there is a great focus on developing our leadership and management skills and this is scarce with many other graduate schemes in local government. Finally, the support offered is exceptional both from the LGA and your council which really makes the ngdp stand out.

I am currently in my first placement within the Transformation Team and every day is truly different. I am working on developing a new community hub at a local hospital and it has been really exciting carrying out community research, having workshops with various stakeholders and collecting, sorting and organising data, amongst many other challenging and exciting tasks. I will be in the Leader’s office next and look forward to being exposed to the political aspect of the council.

I have already found myself in challenging situations and so I can already see how the scheme is developing my ability to adapt as well as increasing my confidence and resilience. In addition to this, working in a council means you have constant meetings and regularly have to work in teams which has allowed me to understand the importance of being a team player and giving feedback - both positive and negative. Once again, the opportunity to work across the council in corporate, strategic, operational and frontline placements will allow me to develop my communication, presentation, networking and written skills as well as help me build on my ability to be flexible as I will have to work against different deadlines, with different people and in varied environments, all towards providing a great service to our residents.