Cohort: 19
Studied: Politics with International Relations BA

My first placement was in the Estate Regeneration team, based in South Kilburn. It was a very varied and wide ranging six months. No two days were truly the same. I worked on a host of different regeneration projects, and had responsibilities for procurement, finance, research, designing and report writing.  The real strength of this placement is how you are able to see real change happening on the ground in front of you. This is a unique feat, and isn’t something that all placements have the ability to provide.  It may have its challenges, but there is a real sense of achievement in seeing families move into wonderful new homes that truly suit their needs and are fit for the future.

In addition to the six months in South Kilburn Estate Regeneration, I have spent three months working for Cllr Butt in the Leaders Office. This period gave me a direct insight into how a political office operates and the support which is required to help the Leader/ Deputy Leader perform their roles effectively. Following this, I moved to the Transformation team. I learned a great deal about change management and helped to progress various projects across all directorates.

I have recently started in Community Safety, and am looking forward to spending the next few months working to help various teams as they tackle crime issues that cause distress and suffering to residents.

This desire to bring change and tackle the difficult problems was part of the reason why I chose to work for Brent. It is a borough which has so much going on, and never wishes to stand still. Brent showed a sense of innovation and resolve that I did not feel when having interviewing at other councils. Choosing Brent over other local authorities was a quick and easy decision.

Joining the NGDP scheme has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. The scheme ensures that we consistently move around the Council across the two years. This means that graduates get an excellent grounding in how the Council works and an in depth knowledge of the projects which are being done in each directorate. I feel that I have gained a really good number of contacts across various levels in such a short space of time, and perhaps would only have been able to do this by being on the NGDP scheme and moving around frequently.  I am very much looking forward to the remainder of my time on the scheme, and hopefully for longer here at Brent Council!