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Cohort: 19
Studied: Psychology

I applied for the NGDP programme for the opportunity to ‘try out’ different aspects of local government and to gain a broad understanding of the functions the council undertakes. Local government appealed to me because it works on the issues that most deeply effect everyday life. The NGDP programme allows me to make a real difference whilst developing myself personally and professionally.

I’m currently working on the implementation of the Homelessness Reduction Act. This is a piece of legislation coming into force in April 2018 which increases the duties of the council in preventing homelessness. So far, I have been involved mapping out the current and new homelessness process that the council undertakes and in developing tailored housing advice for vulnerable adult groups.

The NGDP programme will advance my personal development through the experience and skills I will gain by working in different services and the vast opportunities being on the programme provides. The learning and development aspect of the programme will further develop knowledge of the challenges and issues facing local government which I can apply to my future roles.