ScottCohort: 21
Studied: Social Policy with Criminology BSc

I’m Scott, a first year graduate on the NGDP at Brent. I knew working in the public sector was something I wanted to do following university and the NGDP really stood out due to its emphasis on creating future leaders for local government. The opportunity to complete an ILM qualification in Leadership and Management at the same time as gaining experience on meaningful and innovative projects reinforces just how central developing graduates is to the program. 

I am currently working within Brent’s Transformation team. This sits in the Chief Executive’s Department and is involved in leading and supporting a variety of projects where there is desire to enact ‘change.’ Projects within transformation are concerned with positively changing internal operations and processes as well as thinking about beneficial and innovative changes to how residents are accessing Brent services. Over the last six months I have been working on the income management system (AIM) for the council. This project has aimed to identify issues with how money is collected by different areas of the council and how it is processed, reconciled and allocated. The project has meant liaising with service areas, finance business partners and reconciliation teams to think about potential fixes. My manager has given me the support I have needed at the same time as placing trust in me to independently manage my workload and make meaningful contributions to this project.  I have especially relished the opportunity to independently arrange meetings with heads of services, which has proved an excellent networking opportunity. 

Choosing Brent was an easy decision. I went to secondary school in Brent and was already aware of what a vibrant, diverse and exciting borough this was. Just walking into the Civic Centre it is easy to recognise what a modern and forward thinking organisation Brent Council is, and upon working here, how devoted Brent staff are to ensuring the best possible outcomes for residents and the communities we support.

Support networks for graduates at Brent are excellent. Graduates share a consistent line manager who is incredibly supportive who graduates discuss their development and ongoing projects with as they navigate through the scheme. Additionally, each graduate is assigned a mentor who is an operational director. Your mentor is a great person to informally bounce ideas off and also has the capacity to open doors for you should you want to better understand a directorate within the council you are interested in.

Applying to take part in the NGDP at Brent is a decision I can fully endorse. The chance to work across a variety of departments and projects inspires a superb insight into the challenges and issues faced today in local government and public services. If creating meaningful change for local residents is something you are passionate about then look no further than the NGDP at Brent.