Newly qualified teachers (NQT)


We operate a newly qualified teacher's pool for primary schools in Brent.

This means that rather than responding to advertisements for individual schools, your details are stored on our database us and we'll circulate them to all schools, doing the hard work for you.

If a headteacher has a vacancy that you could fill they will request your full application details from us and if they are further interested, they will invite you for an interview at the school.

Headteachers seeking to appoint newly qualified teachers will consult the database and appoint their teachers from this source.

It is important to note that only those candidates accepted to the pool will be appointed to Brent schools.

As an inner London borough, our teachers are paid on the Inner London Pay Scale - minimum starting salary for September 2017 is £28,660 a year inclusive. Apply to the NQT pool now

Our schools value the new perspective and ideas that newly qualified teachers can offer and are quick to recognise new talent. There are numerous training opportunities in Brent and career advancement is rapid.




The NQT pool for September 2017 is now open.

Top tips when applying to the NQT pool

Filling in the application

Before you begin completing the form read each question thoroughly to ensure that information is placed in the correct section.

Check that your qualifications and career details are in the correct order, starting with the most recent.

If you are a NQT, be sure to include your teaching practice placements in response to the employment details section. This will help the shortlisting and interviewing panel to understand your previous classroom experience.

Experience and relevant skills section

Use the criteria in the person specification as headings and give examples of your experience and skills under each heading.

Check you have demonstrated how you meet all the essential requirements on the personal specification. The shortlisting panel cannot guess or make assumptions about your work experience.

Remember that we use the job description and personal specification to shortlist candidates. If you do not therefore clearly demonstrate how you meet the essential criteria in the personal specification it is unlikely that you will be shortlisted for an interview.

Remember that your application needs to really stand out from the others; this is your opportunity to sell yourself.

Finally re-read what you have written. Have you addressed all areas within the person specification? Do you sound positive about yourself? Have you shown that you are a capable, professional and confident teacher?

Make an impression and good luck!

Hearing back

Successful candidates are not guaranteed a post.

If you do not hear from us within 14 days of the closing date, please assume that you have been unsuccessful on this occasion. Do not let this deter you from applying for future job opportunities with Brent Council.

As posts become available, headteachers will consult the NQT pool database and contact you directly to invite you into their school, see you teach a lesson and have an informal interview.

Headteachers often make a decision whilst you are there! In some schools they may re-interview you as by this time you will have more experience and it's an opportunity for you to update your personal statement.

We have an excellent rate of success and in previous years everyone appointed to the pool has been appointed to a school. We do our upmost to help you find the school where you will be happiest.


Choosing wisely

It is important that you decide on the right school for you and you will get a feel for a school on the day that you visit. We are confident that you will find the perfect school to suit you from the wide variety in Brent.

If you have another interview for a post you would prefer in a few days time, you could always ask the panel of they will hold a job offer open until after the other interview.

However schools will almost certainly ask you to make up your mind immediately.

This is understandable because you may have only narrowly been selected and they may not want to risk losing another candidate whilst waiting for the result of your second interview.

Any verbal agreement between a head teacher and yourself is binding and will not be broken. A formal letter of appointment and a contract will be forwarded to you. You should sign and return this contract to the school as soon as possible, retaining a top copy for your own reference.



What's next

If you've been offered the job, you need to inform us what school (and borough if outside Brent) you have been appointed to. This is to ensure your name is removed from the NQT pool database and headteachers can search through an accurate list.

You will want to visit the school again before the making your exciting start and head teachers welcome you to make arrangements to visit.

Staff will be willing to advise you and provide you with all the relevant policies and documents to effectively plan.