Telling us if you're moving in or out

If you're new to the borough you need to tell us your new address so that we can register you for Council Tax. If you're leaving Brent you will need to tell us that you're moving out.

What you can report

My Account enables you to:

  • register a move in to the borough
  • advise us of a move out of the borough
  • register a move within the borough.

The information you'll need

To notify us of a change in your address, you will need the:

  • address you have moved from
  • address you are moving to
  • move in date
  • sale completion date / tenancy start date
  • new owners details (if you have sold the property)
  • solicitor details (if you have purchased the property)
  • landlord / managing agents details (if you rent or occupy the property).

Sign up to My Account to report a move in or out

Creating an account is easy and takes a couple of minutes. All you need to get started is an email address, to use as a login.  We will then send you details on how to activate your account.

Register or log in to My Account 


If your address can’t be found it could be because:

  • our records may have the address named in another way, for example, First Floor Flat instead of Flat 1
  • your property has been built recently and may not be on our system yet
  • we have already been notified by the previous owner/landlord that you are moving into the property.

If you can't find your address please call 020 8937 1800 and select option 3 to speak to one of our advisors. Our lines are open between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

After your first bill

When you receive your first bill or notification that your council tax account has been created, you can then go back into My Account to manage your council tax by allowing you to:

  • view details of your account
  • set up a direct debit to pay your council tax
  • change your direct debit bank account details
  • apply for a single person discount or an unoccupied (and unfurnished) property exemption
  • apply for refunds.

You can also:

  • apply for Housing Benefit/Council Tax Reduction
  • tell us about a change of circumstance that affects your Housing Benefit/Council Tax Support.

What you can't report

My Account doesn't enable you to:

  • register a property outside Brent if you are trying to move out of a property – our postcode finder does not include postcodes from outside of Brent
  • change your name either by marriage or deed poll
  • notify of education changes - someone starting or finishing full time education
  • notify of property changes - if the property is undergoing repairs.