Register or log in to My Account

You can set up your My Account in just a few minutes. Once you have registered you can access a range of council services online. 

How to register

  • Go to the My Account registration page link at the top of any page
  • After providing your email address you will be sent a verification code via email.
  • Once your email address has been verified, the registration form requires your title, first name and surname.

Once you have successfully registered for My Account you will have access to services that you can request and track in your account.

How to log in

  • Go to the My Account log in page (there is a link at the top of every page)
  • Enter the email address and password you used when you registered for My Account
  • You will be sent a six digit code to verify your identity unless you have opted out of Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) 

Keeping your information secure

As part of our ongoing effort to ensure that your data is safe and secure, My Account now includes Multi Factor Authentication (MFA). This is a security feature that helps to protect you by adding an extra level of security to your account. You may have used it before for online banking and other online services. Each time you log into My Account, we will ask you to complete an extra verification step to confirm it’s really you.  

You can request that we send a six-digit verification code to you by text message, telephone call* or email. If you do not want this extra layer of security, you can opt out of MFA at any time in the ‘Security Settings’ menu in My Account. You can opt back in at any time if you change your mind. 

You will need to register a telephone number the first time you log in using MFA.

Who can have an account?

Any Brent resident can sign up for a My Account. Please note My Account is not currently available to:

  • Housing Benefit claimants that are housed outside of Brent
  • Landlords that are registered as a company