Meanwhile Brent Partnership and the Meanwhile Foundation

Setting up the Meanwhile Foundation

We support a number of temporary use projects to sit alongside major and capital intensive regeneration programmes.

As these are generally delivered within privately owned commercial properties, we have worked with Locality to design a governance structure to help it manage property related risks, receive support from us and retain local ownership and relevance.

The model consists of a newly formed national charity called the Meanwhile Foundation that is able to promote the temporary use of vacant property and carry tenancies on them.

We, along with Locality, are co-founders of the Meanwhile Foundation and because the Meanwhile Foundation is a national charity, other organisations including local authorities can apply to establish their own meanwhile partnership.

The Meanwhile Brent Partnership

We have entered into a partnership agreement with the Meanwhile Foundation and this is known as the Meanwhile Brent Partnership.

The partnership agreement allows us to propose to the Meanwhile Foundation that it should assist projects by carrying tenancies.

The partnership itself is the agreement between the foundation and us. The decision making function of the partnership is known as the partnership executive and this is made up of representatives from us and the Meanwhile Foundation.

Partnership forum of interested parties

The temporary use projects within Brent and those organisations involved with their delivery and management then sit within the partnership, but are not themselves constituted members. They represent a partnership forum of interested parties.

New project proposals

Should we wish to initiate a project making use of the Foundation, we will propose that idea at a meeting of the Partnership Executive.

While the project will almost certainly be put to tender, the growing number of members of the partnership forum will represent a useful resource of organisations willing to bid for projects.

The partnership forum meets for discussions around current projects, future place opportunities as well as an opportunity for networking and cooperation of prospective tenderers of competition entrants.

Proposals for new projects can be suggested by us through its regeneration activities across its priority areas or can come forward from discussions by the partnership forum. Subject to the approval of the partnership executive, these are then proposed to the board of the Meanwhile Foundation for consideration.

Join in

If you'd like to become part of the Meanwhile Brent Partnership or are interested in establishing a new partnership with the Meanwhile Foundation, you can contact us at