Current exhibition

Visitors to the Gallery at the Library at Willesden Green will have the opportunity to see a range of art forms from painting, photography, drawing, sculpture, fine art print and canvas design. Some of the selected shows will have a participatory aspect and invite audience engagement.


Ghassan Jadid, Khaled Al Saai, Manhal Issa, Nizar Sabour, Virgine Arakelian

10 -­21 October 2017

Private view 12 October 6pm to­ 9pm

A stunning London premiere of the works of five contemporary Syrian artists In Memories of Cities, five internationally renowned Syrian artists from across the generations explore the dualities of urban living through depictions of cities and localities that have inspired them. Although their works are enormously varied in technique and sensibility, the artists are united by origin and circumstance, whether they are still living in war-­‐torn Syria or abroad.

This exhibition, a first for the capital, highlights several questions that arise when we consider the artist’s individual relationships, specifically that with place: what is his personal connection to the chosen city or locality; how has he presented it; and what is the deeper significance of his particular choice? Wherein lies his inspiration?

This project aims to gather individual memories and combine them into a collective memory that activates the dynamics between past and present. It is also an opportunity for several Syrian artists across the generations to explore these questions through their art and to present the results to a western audience in London for the very first time. Some of the participating artists still live in Syria despite the current war, while others live abroad.

The artists: Ghassan Jadid celebrates the importance of his birthplace of old Tartous using the ancient symbols of trade and fortune, through which the city thrived; Khaled Al Saai, some of whose pieces are held in the British Museum, explores the pivotal role of Mayadin in eastern Syria in his unique marriage of collage and calligraphy; Manhal Issa has here been inspired by Mount Quasioun in Damascus, a place of profound significance to all Syrians; Nizar Sabour, renowned for his paintings of Christian iconography, turns his fascination with all religious symbolism to the Orthodox cities of Maaloula and Saidnaya; and Virgine Arakelian, the youngest of the group and the only woman, brings to life the old spice market of Damascus through her vibrant painting that is strongly influenced by her Armenian ancestry.




Upcoming exhibitions

The traumised selfThe Traumatised Self

Artwork by Laura Fischer 

Music by Simone Michieli

24 October to 4 November 2017

Private View: 25 October 6pm to 9pm

Visual and musical expressions of trauma.

‘The Traumatised Self’ is a collection of works that explore visual articulations of the impact of traumatic stress on mind, brain and body. They are a result of Laura Fischer’s ongoing research into the neuroscience of trauma and the use of creative practices to develop new tools for trauma survivors to heal and be heard.

Artworks are given an auditory resonance through Simone Micieli’s compositions. His pieces have been created from a deep connection and empathy with Laura’s work. The music, collected in ‘Music For Her Brain’, is originally crafted in harmony with Laura’s process, and thought to allow the listener to experience their own personal journey within visual and music.

This exhibition is part of a vaster movement that aims at sparking conversations to break the daunting silence surrounding trauma and mental illness and raise awareness. Trauma is not rare and it is not foreign - it is happening right here, right now, and it affects us all. It is time we cultivated the courage to acknowledge this issue.

The Artists

Laura is a cross-disciplinary artist and activist who situates her practice in the border between art and science. She blurs the lines between thinking and feeling, research and creativity. She mixes a palette of artistic mediums with a palette of tools rooted in psychiatry, psychology and neuroscience to undertake journeys to explore traits of profound human nature. Laura has had her artworks and films exhibited internationally since 2005 and is also a National Institute for Health Research CLAHRC Fellow, researching ways to improve trauma treatments.

Simone has been playing and writing for several bands for the past 10 years. A graduate in songwriting and a multi-instrumentalist, he currently focuses on production music and is involved in several live projects. Created most of the time in his home studio, his music is inspired by 70’s progressive rock, modern grunge and psychedelic rock. Everything is mixed with original ideas, derived from a constant sound research and experimentation.

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