Freedom of Information

Generally there will be no fee or charge for requested information.

However, we will charge for disbursements, or in other words for photocopying, postage etc., where they will exceed £2.

The cost of disbursements based on the following:

  • 10p per sheet of photocopy, print out and printed covering letter, regardless of sheet size or colour copy
  • the actual cost of postage
  • where a specific request is made for presentation in a particular form, the actual cost of doing so (e.g. CD Rom)
  • £25 per hour for staff time if it is necessary for a member of staff to accompany somebody requesting to inspect records (this should be refused if there is a danger of them accessing confidential or otherwise sensitive information even if accompanied)
  • costs of translation into another language
  • VAT will be chargeable in the circumstances that someone else holds the information as well as us

The Fees Regulations state that responding to high cost requests that will cost over £450 is discretionary.

The Executive of Brent Council has decided that such requests will be refused.