What are our priorities and how are we doing

Annual reports

Strategies, plans and strategies developed in partnership with other authorities

Best value local performance plan

Internal and external organisation performance reviews

Quarterly performance and finance reviews are presented to the Executive in September, December, March and July. To see these reports search through the Executive meeting pages.

Also see links on this page to inspection reports, the best value performance plan, comprehensive area assessment and Local Area Assessment.

Economic development action plan

This has been absorbed into our Regeneration Strategy for Brent 2010 to 2030.

Forward plan

Capital strategy

Comprehensive area assessment

Inspection reports

Local Area Agreement

Statistical information produced in accordance with the council's and departmental requirements

We are in the process of moving our statistical information to a separate website called Brent Data. A link to the website will be provided in due course.

Equality impact assessments

Service standards

For other services visit their service pages in the Services for residents or businesses sections of our website.

Public service agreements

Information to follow