Senior managers' pay


Chief executive

The chief executive's pay scale is set using the nationally recognised Hay reward scheme which is used by the majority of local councils around the country. The chief executive's current salary is £202,880.

In Brent, the chief executive also holds the position of returning officer and is therefore responsible for the conduct of elections in the borough. They receive a separate variable fee for this. The exact amount depends on the type and frequency of elections.

Senior managers

After the Chief Executive, there are three tiers of senior manager in Brent:

  • Strategic director pay rates range from £136,167 to £153,927 (4 posts)
  • Operational director pay rates range from £100,643 to £129,490 (13 posts)
  • Head of service pay rates range from £57,430 to £94,722 (40 posts)

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Average pay of staff at this level is £96,881.

Brent Council staff received a 2.0 per cent pay increase April 2019.

Pay policy statement

We publish an annual pay policy statement which sets out the approach to pay for chief officers and other employees.