Council tax is a charge made on all domestic properties to help pay for local services. You can pay your council tax online or find out more information using the links below or read the council tax information leaflet  

You will have recently received your Council Tax bill for 2014/15.

If you have any questions please see the 2014 to 2015 council tax bill page.

Council tax payments

Pay your council tax or tell us about a change in circumstance so that we can amend your bill, and be informed about the steps we take if you do not pay.

Exemptions and discounts

Some people may qualify for exemptions or discounts. For example, discounts may apply to students, landlords and people with disabilities.

Charges and appeals

Information on current council tax charges, making appeals and also understanding who is liable for paying council tax.

Benefit cuts

Find out what the changes to benefits will mean for you? From April 2013 it is likely you will see a reduction in your benefit amount.