Brent Borough Plan 2021-2022

Building a Better Brent

Cabinet members have agreed a refocussed plan for the borough following the global events of 2020. The plan sets out five priorities to improve the lives of those who live work, study and do business in Brent.

Partnership working is a key theme running through the plan, highlighting the importance of working across sectors and service areas. It builds on achievements to date, but with renewed focus and actions to tackle cross-cutting issues such as homelessness and health inequalities.

Brent aims to reduce inequalities, particularly for black people, as well as strengthen the economy, tackle the climate emergency and build on its positive work with partners. These aims will include the Black Community Action Plan and delivering on recommendations made by the Independent Poverty Commission to reduce poverty.

Cllr Muhammed Butt, Brent Council Leader, said: “As recent events have shown, it is our community that makes Brent a great place; we make a really positive difference when we work together. The impact of the pandemic and other challenges to the national and local economies will mean that resources will be tight. However, we are committed to improving the lives of those who live in the borough. This year will be a year of recovery and action to ensure a better, fairer and greener future for our residents.”

The council’s response to the pandemic has included increased engagement with communities, supporting single homeless people, buying and distributing PPE, and providing food aid. Brent established a support fund for residents personally or financially affected by Covid-19, and reached out to local businesses to ensure that they were following Covid rules. The council also worked closely with community leaders trusted by their communities to help share vital public health messages, and who were able to ensure that hard-to-reach groups were getting the information they needed to keep safe.

At the cabinet meeting, members committed to reducing inequality, fighting poverty, and supporting employment and business. The cabinet voted to reduce fuel poverty, tackle homelessness, crackdown on crime, and work with the NHS to help people impacted by Covid-19.

Digital inclusion, celebrating local culture and building Brent’s network of community hubs are also included in the borough plan’s priorities.