Council tax support information

Our council tax support scheme is means tested. This means the amount of help you can claim will be reduced as your income increases. Council tax support is generally awarded to those on low incomes. If you have a moderate to high income it is unlikely that you will be entitled to any help.

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Claiming council tax support

You can claim council tax support if you:

  • are liable to pay council tax for your property
  • are living in the property as your main home
  • have less than £6,000 in savings.

Please ensure that you have read the information below before applying for council tax support.

Introducing Brent’s new Council Tax Support Scheme

From the 1 April 2020, Brent is introducing a new Council Tax Support (CTS) scheme.

The scheme provides support for residents who are financially vulnerable and require assistance to pay their Council Tax.

The amount of support a household is entitled to will be calculated based on the combined Earnings of the Claimant and their partner, with a deduction taken based on the Earnings of any other adult living in the household.

The CTS scheme for pensioners remains unchanged.

The table below will allow you to work out how much support you will be entitled to:

Calculation of maximum potential CTS discount

This is the how much your Council Tax could be reduced by:


Claimant and partner’s income per week*% of Council Tax reduced
£0 - £80 100%
£81 - £110 80%
£111 - £150 50%
£151 - £250 30%

* excluding any DWP or HMRC benefits, and any income in respect of caring for a Foster Child

Non-dependent adult deductions

Non-dependent deductions are made to the maximum entitlement quoted above:

Working Age Non Dependent’s IncomeDeduction per week
Not working £5.00
Working  - net income up to £150 per week £10.00
Working – net income between £150 and £200 per week £15.00
Working – net income over £200 per week £20.00