Ealing Road emergency works
Ealing Road is closed to traffic in both directions while Thames Water completes emergency sewer repairs. There is likely to be heavy traffic so please avoid driving around the area if you can and take public transport instead.

Look after local children and young people. Foster with Brent

Help vulnerable children and young people in care. Offer them a stable home, love and support during a challenging time in their life. 

Why foster in Brent

As a Brent carer you will be helping local children thrive as they remain in Brent, close to familiar people and places. Being a carer also comes with benefits for you:

Personalised support

One-to-one support

 Always feel empowered knowing that your allocated social worker is by your side every step of the way. 

Specialist personalised training

Learning and development

Learn and grow with a varied training offer that matches your needs as a foster carer.

Financial support

Reward package

Enjoy access to social events, membership with The Fostering Network and a weekly allowance of up to £486