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Brent Adult Social Care

If you think you might need ongoing care and support, we will carry out an assessment of your needs. We will discuss your needs with you and complete a simple questionnaire to understand your needs and see if you qualify for support from the council.

If you qualify for support then you will be financially assessed. The financial assessment will look at your total income and your savings to work out whether you have to pay a contribution towards the costs of your care. We will then work out a Personal Budget to be used to meet your assessed needs. A personal budget is the amount of money that the council assesses will be needed to pay for your care and support needs.

We will work with you to decide how you want your support to be arranged and produce a Care Plan which will set out your eligible social needs and how you can spend your personal budget.

What is a Direct Payment?

A direct payment is one of the ways that you can receive your personal budget. It gives you flexibility and control over the services you receive. A direct payment is an agreed amount of money that is paid directly to you, so that you can purchase the care and support that you need. A Direct Payment allows you to arrange your care support in a way that best suits your needs and lifestyle. If for example you choose to employ someone directly, it means you can ask them to attend your home at a time that is best for you.

Types of Direct Payment Accounts

Brent offers two types of Direct Payment Accounts, one is called a Managed Account and the other is called a Non-Managed Account.

A managed account is where the Local Authority or a third party manages your direct payments for you. A non-managed account is where you manage direct payments yourself, you are fully responsible for all employment responsibilities, including paying your care or support worker(s), managing and making payments to HMRC, and keeping records.

Whatever account you decide to have, you will always remain in control of how your personal budget is spent.

Receiving Direct Payments

All direct payments are paid into a Prepaid Financial Service (PFS) account, and this account will allow you to purchase your care and support services.

If you decide to have a direct payment the council will automatically set you up with a Prepaid Financial Service account, so that you can receive payments.

Direct Payment Service

The Direct Payments Service is a free service that offers direct payment support. The Direct Payment Service will offer support if you have a managed or non-managed account, and will support you in all areas of your direct payment.  

For example, if you would like to employ your own carer/s, sometimes called personal assistants, you will have responsibilities as an employer, and the Direct Payments Service would be able to provide you with practical help recruiting and employing staff, paying wages and sorting out Tax and National Insurance contributions.

How do I get a Direct Payment?

To get a direct payment you need to contact Brent Social Services who will arrange for you to have a community care assessment.

Your social worker or care co-ordinator will discuss the assessment when you meet. Once you have been assessed, there is no time limit for you to decide whether to have a direct payment or not.

If you decide that you would like a direct payment your social worker or care co-ordinator will refer you to the Brent Direct Payment Service. A Direct Payment Officer will contact you to discuss your direct payment and what your option are and what is involved.

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