Direct payments

If you are eligible for support, you will be offered a Direct Payment. With a Direct Payment, you will receive an agreed amount of money to organise the support you need. This will give you greater choice over who supports you and how and when your support is delivered.

Managing your Direct Payment

Your agreed amount of money (your Direct Payment) will be paid to you on a pre-paid card which is a debit card that is used to hold the money in your Direct Payment. You can use your pre-paid card just like any other debit card to pay for your Direct Payment services, except that your pre-paid card is only to be used to purchase your Direct Payment services.

You can also use telephone banking or online banking pay for your Direct Payments services and to transfer money (e.g. to pay for wages to your personal assistants or to pay agency costs etc.).

Your prepaid card will give you the freedom and flexibility to purchase the services that best meet your needs. All services purchased will need to be agreed in your Support Plan [Link: Support Plan].

Getting someone else to manage things for you

If you do not wish to manage Direct Payments yourself, then you can nominate someone else to manage the pre-paid card and deal with the day-to-day financial responsibilities. This can be a friend, or family member, or you can use an organisation recommended by the council.

Penderels Trust

Penderels Trust has been chosen by Brent Council to give you Direct Payment support and advice once you’ve chosen to receive Direct Payments. This includes help with using a Direct Payment to employ a Personal Assistant. If you prefer, Penderels Trust can also take over the management of your Direct Payments on your behalf.

Information how to use the pre-payment card

If you are in receipt of Direct Payment and you would like to access a service from Penderels Trust, please contact us for a referral.