Change in circumstances

You must tell us if there are any changes to your circumstances that may affect you receiving Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support. Any delay may mean you are paid too much benefit which you will have to pay back, or you may be paid too little.

This is because even the smallest of changes can affect the amount of Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support you receive.

How to report a change

To tell us about a change in circumstance you must do this through My Account.

Log into My Account

If you don’t have an account you will need to sign up and register to use online benefit services.

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Changes you need to tell us about

Here are examples of changes we would need to know about:

Type of changeExamples of changes you must report
Ending your claim
  • You are moving out of Brent
  • You no longer need help paying your rent or council tax
Changes to any benefits or unearned income received by any adult in your family
  • Start or stop receiving job seekers' allowance, income support, employment and support allowance, pension credit or Universal Credit
  • Start or stop receiving tax credits, pensions, disability living allowance or attendance allowance
Employment changes for any adult in your family
  • Start or stop working
  • Increase or decrease in salary or hours worked
The number of people living in your house
  • You have a new baby
  • Another person moves in
  • Someone moves out of your home
Moving home
  • You have moved to another property in Brent
Rent change
  • An increase or decrease in your rent
  • You only need to tell us about changes in your rent if you are a private tenant
  • If you are a Housing Association tenant, you do not need to tell us about changes in your rent 
Bank accounts, savings and investments

The amount of savings you have is over:

  • £6,000 (for working-age people)
  • £10,000 (for pensioners)