Council tax support information

Our council tax support scheme is means tested. This means the amount of help you can claim will be reduced as your income increases. Council tax support is generally awarded to those on low incomes. If you have a moderate to high income it is unlikely that you will be entitled to any help.

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Claiming council tax support

You can claim council tax support if you:

  • are liable to pay council tax for your property
  • are living in the property as your main home
  • have less than £6,000 in savings.

Find out more information by reading the council tax information leaflet

Calculate your benefit entitlement

A benefit calculator is now available to help you determine whether you may be entitled to Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Support and the potential amount.

If you find that you may be entitled, you will be able to access the benefit claim form directly from the ‘Results’ page of the calculator.

The calculator will also permit you to assess the impact of increasing your working hours and/or pay on your entitlement.