In this section of our Local Offer you will find information about the educational provision available for school-age children and young people in Brent, including those who have special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). 

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Supporting children with SEND

If you think your child has SEND, you should talk their early years setting, school or college. To do a quick search of all the primary, secondary and special schools in the borough, use our school finder.

If you need confidential help and advice about speaking to your child's school or college, contact the Brent SEND Information, Advice and Support Service.

All schools and colleges are legally required to make arrangements to support children with additional needs and receive funding to do this. They must publish a SEND Information Report on their website which shows how they identify, assess and make provision for pupils with SEND. We have produced a SEND minimum standards document, that schools and colleges should be meeting.

In Brent we are committed to developing welcoming schools which are inclusive to all and you can read about this in our accessibility strategy.

If your child has been identified as having SEND, their school or college will do its very best to support them. They may receive extra help through a programme called SEN Support as well as specialist services from outside the school/college including:

Some children and young people with more complex educational needs will receive support through an education, health and care (EHC) plan. EHC plans replaced statements of special educational needs and learning difficulty assessments from 1 September 2014.

A parent of a child and/or young person who has an EHC plan and is resident in Brent has the right to request a personal budget that can be used to arrange and pay for some of the support agreed in the plan.