SEND provision in mainstream schools

Some mainstream schools have additional funding to provide places for pupils with a specific type of special educational need or disability.

This is called additionally resourced provision (ARP). These places are only available to pupils with statements of SEN or an education, health and care (EHC) plan.

Information in the child or young person’s EHC plan assessment is used to identify the type of ARP that is needed.

The placement is considered and agreed by a panel of education, health and social care professionals, based on the admissions criteria of the school’s ARP. The council then makes an application to the school on behalf of the child.

Specialist provision is in place for children with:

  • autistic spectrum disorders
  • hearing impairments
  • moderate learning difficulties
  • speech, language and communication needs

Autistic spectrum disorders

Hearing impairments

Kingsbury Green Primary School

18 places available for nursery and primary school children

Kingsbury High School

7 places are for secondary and sixth form pupils.

The school has a Total Communication Resource for students who are deaf or have a hearing impairment. All students are taught in mainstream classes with specialist support as appropriate.

Moderate learning difficulties

Alperton Community School (The John Boyle Inclusion Centre)

20 places available for Year 10 and 11 students who have transferred from Woodfield School.

Speech, language and communication needs

Oakington Manor Primary School

25 places available

Preston Manor School

12 places available at the centre for students with statements or education, health and care plans for speech and language impairments.