How to pay my council tax?

Pay council tax

The easiest way is by Direct Debit or online. Watch our quick 'How to pay your council tax' video below for all methods or follow the instructions below: 

Direct Debit

Direct Debit is a quick and easy way to pay your council tax. You can choose to pay on the 1st, 12th, 17th or 28th of the month. To set one up, simply call 020 8937 1790, give us your bank details and the direct debit can be set up without you having to complete a form.

Alternatively, you can:

Pay online

Pay your council tax online now 

You can pay an individual council tax bill online using your credit or debit card. 

Is this your first payment? - things you will need

You will need your debit or credit card details and the first eight digits of your council tax reference number (this begins with a 5 and is found at the top of your bill)

To use the service you will need one of the following debit/credit cards: MasterCard, Visa, Delta, Switch, Maestro or Visa Electron.

Once your credit card details have been submitted to us and your credit card company have approved the payment, the payment will be processed within one working day.

If you are in a public place we strongly advise you make sure you are not overlooked as you enter your details to prevent them being misused by somebody else.

If you have difficulties using the online payment system there are other ways to pay your council tax.

Exceptions when you cannot pay

If the reference number is not recognised you will be unable to proceed with the payment. If you think the reference number has been incorrectly entered, please re-enter.

  • You cannot pay if you have paid your council tax in full
  • You cannot pay if the council feels that this isn't the best way of making a payment

Other methods of payment

Via our debit and credit card hotline

Pay by credit card, Switch, Delta, or another debit card by calling our 24-hour automated hotline 020 8937 1717 to make an individual council tax payment.

Via telephone banking

You can contact your bank to make an individual council tax payment. You will need:

  • Our sort code: 60-23-09
  • Our account number 95711317
  • Your 8-digit council tax reference number

PayPoint and Post Office

Take your bill with you to any shop showing the PayPoint symbol. The front of our council tax bill has the bar code that is used to process your payment. Payments must be in cash and you will not be charged. Go to to use the Paypoint locator and find your nearest PayPoint.

You can pay at any Post Office by cash, cheque or debit card. Please remember to take your council tax bill with you. Your payment must be in cash. Visit to find your nearest post office.