Outdoor gyms

Parks and open spaces are open for exercise in line with government guidance. Please follow the latest public health advice while out and about.

We have 20 outdoor gyms sites available in parks and open spaces. They are free to use and a fun and easy way to stay active safely. The gyms are an excellent way to:

  • maintain/lose weight
  • strengthen your body
  • increase your fitness levels
  • improve mental wellbeing

Fit free fun

Free instructor led gym sessions

Free instructor led gym sessions in the park. No need to book, just turn up and earn rewards. Check out the timetable below or download the instructor led gym timetable.

Day9.30 to 11am12 to 1.30pm2.30 to 4pm
Mondays Gladstone Park, 
Willesden (F)
Alperton Sports
Tokyngton Recreation
Ground, Stonebridge
Tuesdays King Edward VII Park, 
Neasden Recreation Ground Eton Grove,
Wednesdays Chalkhill Park,
Northwick Park, 
Roundwood Park, 
Harlesden (F)
Thursdays Gibbons Recreation Ground,
Church Road
Barham Park, 
Grove Park,
Fridays Preston Park,
near Wembley
One TreeHill, 
Saturdays Tiverton Playing

GEC Sports
Ground, Wembley

Sundays Roe Green Park, 
Woodcock Park,

Session led by a female instructor. There may be occasions due to unforeseen circumstances when an instructor may not be available. Please don’t let this stop you, as every piece of equipment has instructions on how to use them. 

Your safety

Public Health have produced a short video to help guide you how to use the gyms safely.

Please note: You are responsible for your own medical welfare and should, if necessary, get appropriate medical advice before exercising. The outdoor gym equipment has a minimum height restriction of 1.2 metres. Anyone below this height or if the equipment is used inappropriately by anyone, could lead to risk of injury. Please kindly help our staff in conducting their work, for the safety of all concerned.

Location of all outdoor gyms in Brent

View a map of outdoor gym locations