No Idling Campaign

Vehicle Idling Action 

Vehicle idling (leaving your vehicle engine running while stationary) is a significant source of local air pollution. To help improve local air quality, the Council has joined the Vehicle Idling Action campaign; a London-wide education and behaviour change initiative. This project is building on the success of a pilot project in the City of London and is being funded by the Mayor's Air Quality Fund.

As part of this, Brent Council are carrying out an awareness raising campaign. Idling action events are being held in different locations across the borough, including at schools during the school run. Teams of local volunteers – concerned citizens, local business employees and project staff – take part in the events and help with the education of motorists and pedestrians.

“No Idling” signs and banners have also been installed around the banner, including outside schools.

As well as vehicle idling creating unnecessary pollution, it is also an offence under section 42 of the Road Traffic Act 1988 and the Road Traffic (Vehicle Emissions) (Fixed Penalty) (England) Regulations 2002. Therefore, if a vehicle driver is found to be parked up and idling unnecessarily they can be fined £20 if they refuse to turn off their engine on request.

Join us

When your vehicle is parked up and stationary please switch off your engine to help improve local air quality and clean up our air.

Volunteer at an idling action event

  • Gain knowledge about London’s most urgent environmental issue – air pollution
  • Learn how to reduce your exposure to air pollution
  • Have fun – we will be educating people using games such as snakes and ladders
  • Social interaction – meet other local volunteers – we work in pairs to educate motorists and pedestrians on the issue of vehicle idling.

Please email to register your interest to become an Air Quality Champion.

Business support

There are three ways that your business can support the project:

  • Publically supporting the campaign
  • Advertising the project in your stores/offices and through your fleet
  • Supplying volunteers to the project.

Reporting an issue

  • To report a problem with idling, please email with:
  • a description of the problem (including frequency, time of day, longevity of issue, vehicle type)
  • the location of the idling
  • your name and contact details.