Trees, hedges and grass maintenance

Street trees

Brent has many parks, green spaces and tree-lined streets. These features offer not only aesthetic value but many environmental, economic and social benefits too. We aim to ensure Brent’s trees: contribute positively to the quality of the local environment; do not pose a risk to
safety, or of damage to property; and are protected from unnecessary harm.

Trees are inspected regularly and proactively maintained. Major works, where our contractors use climbing equipment, are performed on a cyclical basis. The cycles vary from two years upwards, depending on factors such as type of tree and distance from houses. Minor work, such
as the removal of shoots from the base of the tree, is done every year.

Our Tree Management Policy aims to improve the understanding of tree issues and sets out how the council will fulfil its commitments, including how we:

  • Maintain our tree stock
  • Limit the felling of trees to circumstances where it is essential or advisable
  • Carry out reactive and emergency inspections when they are necessary
  • Provide clarity on the circumstances in which the Council will not intervene
  • Provide public information in advance of planned tree works

Contact us about trees

To enquire about a tree on a street please fill in our street tree enquiry form.

To report a fallen tree - Call us on 020 8937 5050. 

Sponsor a tree scheme

This scheme allows you to pay for a tree to be planted on the public highway. The cost is currently £250 per tree.

Call us on 020 8937 5050  if you want to discuss the scheme in more detail.


Frequency of grass cutting

The council has recently started to reduce the frequency of grass cutting in parks and on verges in the borough, allowing grass to grow taller, with the aim of boosting biodiversity and enabling a better use of our resources.

More information

We are responsible for maintaining grass verges on the public highway, including on roundabouts, compounds, central reserves and roadside verges, to ensure that people can use roads and pavements safely.

We do not cut grass that is privately owned or on properties or estates owned by groups other than us.

We will:

  • cut grass verges six times a year.
  • make sure that all grassed edges are trimmed back to the grassed areas.
  • remove all grass clippings that fall outside the grassed area immediately after cutting (grass clippings will lie where they fall on grass areas).

Please see our current schedule for cutting grass verges

Report overgrown areas

Request grass cutting

You can also request grass cutting via our Cleaner Brent app.

Once you have reported your inquiry we will arrange for the grass verges to be cut, if necessary, within ten working days of your report.

At present, no repairs to grass verges are being carried out.


Private trees and hedges

Complaints about trees and hedges on private property blocking public access

Homeowners are responsible for the maintenance of any tree or hedge near a public highway and we will carry out pro-active inspections and inform the owners of any hazardous overhanging foliage.

You can report dangerous overhanging foliage by using our Cleaner Brent app, or report contact us online
We will give notice to owners seeking their co-operation in trimming back vegetation. After the expiry of the notice, we will arrange for the works to be done and recover the cost from owners.

Enquiries about trees in private gardens

Our principal tree officer Lawrence Usherwood is able to provide advice on trees situated in privately owned gardens as well as providing information regarding trees protected by Tree Preservation Orders and within conservation areas.

To speak to Lawrence Usherwood call 020 8937 5210 and choose option 3.