Trees, hedges and grass

Brent has many parks, green spaces and tree-lined streets. These features offer not only aesthetic value but many environmental, health, economic and social benefits too.

We aim to ensure Brent’s trees: contribute positively to the quality of the local environment; do not pose a risk to safety, or of damage to property; and are protected from unnecessary harm.

Trees are inspected regularly to make sure they are healthy and thriving.

Major works, where our contractors use climbing equipment, are performed on a cyclical basis. The cycles vary from two years upwards, depending on factors such as type of tree and distance from houses. We notify local people of major works in advance, with clear signage on the affected tree. 

Our Tree Management Policy aims to improve the understanding of tree issues and sets out how the council will fulfil its commitments, including how we:

  • Maintain our tree stock
  • Limit the felling of trees to circumstances where it is essential or advisable
  • Carry out reactive and emergency inspections when they are necessary
  • Provide clarity on the circumstances in which the Council will not intervene
  • Provide public information in advance of planned tree works

Wherever possible, we will take up opportunities to seek external funding to support the planting of new trees.

We are currently able to replace every tree that has been removed to prevent damage to nearby homes.

Contact us about trees

To enquire about a tree on a street please fill in our street tree enquiry form.

To report a fallen tree - Call us on 020 8937 5050. 

Sponsor a tree scheme

This scheme allows you to pay for a tree to be planted on the public highway. The cost is currently £250 per tree.

Please email if you want to contact us about the sponsor a tree scheme.